gonatural Magazine  - Past Issues

Issue #250 alt= - Reece and Julie's life after cancer 
- Maori phallus chopped 
- Naked young vets 
- Wainuiomata walk 
- Naturism; the benefits 
- Alex Honnold bares all 
- Defending our rights

Issue #249 alt= - 2019 photo winners 
- Quilting 
- Naked Thailand 
- Censoring the nipple 
- TradeMe removes 
- Oranui Games 
- Walking Spirits Bay

Issue #248 alt= - Children and nudity
- visiting Ningaloo
- Expedition to Quarantine Island
- Outside the Square rally
- Nelson Naturist Club's 50th
- Summer at Autumn Farm
- The devastation in Christchurch

Issue #247 alt= December 2018 - Deb's beach life
Watching Naked Attraction with my mum
BOP Naturists celebrate 1000 members
I’m a Christian and a naturist
PHOTO FEATURE: NZ Nude Gardening
Where to get naked this summer
Faeries at Autumn Farm
Don’t be embarrassed about nudity
Naked Cooking
Donna at the World Congress

Issue #246 alt= September 2018 - Polly's story
Canterbury Tales
Winter nudes in Wellington
Remembering Polly
Bare Beer Brewing with Corey
Naked House Movers
Charles Grinter: Living naturally
Give a massage
125 years of voting women
The Great Homer Tunnel Nude Run
Naked Cooking
Winter at Warrington Beach
Naked and homeless

Issue #245 alt= June 2018 - Celebrating couples!
- Mark and Marie share their wonderful story of living in harmony
- Don and Minca at Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club
- Deb and Larry travel New Zealand
- Prof Pamela von Hurst talks vitamin D
- Naked at Ngatuhoa
- Gardening au naturel
- 9 tips for a first-time female nudie
- Auckland's Oranui games and Naked Bike Rides
- Southern madness

Issue #244 alt= March 2018 - Summer and our 66th Naturist Rally
- National Naturist Rally, Te Marua, Wellington.
- Nick Lowe’s cycle tour of Aotearoa.
- 60 years of the NZ Naturist Federation.
- NZNF's new secretary, Wilma.
- Mike Ward about safeguarding naturism in a growing population.
- Wellington Rowing Club strip off.
- Autumn Farm turns 35 years.
- Ralph's 90th birthday.

Issue #243 alt= December 2017 - New Zealand's natural hot pools
- Summer campaign ‘LOVE THE SKIN YOU’RE IN’.
- COVER story: NZ’s thermal hot springs.
- June Campbell-Tong steps down after 50 years.
- Breast cancer survivors tell their stories.
- Kiwis visiting Spain.
- Going naked in Australia’s Northern Territory.
- Trevor and Christine’s tell about their life in the wet lane.
- Former gonatural editor Kay Hannam shares tales from her memoir.

Issue #242 alt= September 2017 - Bruce & Marguerite's naked life
- Aucklander photographer Jeff Norman
- A naked 4WD with beers and Paua
- Kiwi icon Karyn Hay's The March of the Floxgloves
- Michalis from Greece urban nudity escapades
- Marina shares her wise and inspiring words
- mid-winter dips celebrate the winter solstice
- John King cycles to world records at 80 years
- Naked Kiwis cruise Florida

Issue #241 alt= June 2017 - Going nautical
- our winter edition on New Zealand's naturist magazine, gonatural
Naked on Mt Taranaki
Meet some nautical naturists and their adventures
major nude art exhibitions in Christchurch and Auckland
Jane Baker, feeling fabulous at 50
Musician Murray Stewart on the Kapiti Coast
Daniel Copeland writes about the ethics and etiquette of nudity
World Naked Bike Ride held in Golden Bay

Issue #240 alt= March 2017 - Why family nudity is healthy
11-page feature story on naturist families
Photos from the national rally in Auckland
World Congress of Naturism, held in Wellington
Son of Pink Floyd guitarist, Charlie Gilmour shares his naked revelations
Naked men’s week at Autumn Farm, Golden Bay
Rosco & Raewyn in Hawaii
New NZNF president, Donna Miller
New guest contributor: Miss Bareall

Issue #239 alt= December 2016 - The Faces of Nude Zealand
Free the Nipple
2016 Photo Competition winners
Our 60th year in print
The kind leading the blind
Naked Kiwi vets
Julie's happy life
Costa Petanque Kiwi style

Issue #238 alt= September 2016 - Why I don’t call myself a nudist
Marina Grace shares her love
Children and healthy nudity
De-sexualising nudity
2016 Naked 4WD Overlanders tour

Issue #237 alt= June 2016 - Brando's wild life laid bare
TV3 surprised
Nude Adventures in Marlborough Sounds
Nudity and Rudity
World Naked Bike Ride
A newbie writes
Cruising Marlborough Sounds

Issue #236 alt= March 2016 - Sarah & Keith's Kiwi odyssey
Media’s naked obsession
Jade’s love of mothers
Decline of nudity in clubs
Auckland’s Oranui games
Nude Golf International
Little Gem’s adventure

Issue #235 alt= December 2015 - Facebook and nudity
Future of rallies
Paul Henry talks nude
Women’s Renew weekend
Get your Vitamin D fix
Breastfeeding naturally

Issue #234 alt= September 2015 - 75 years at Vantan Anniversary
75 years at Vantan Anniversary Climbing wall
Is going naked the new black?
Combining his passions of photography, life drawing and naturism Jeff Norman brought the West Auckland Life Drawing Group to Oranui.
Nude golf 100% Raw. First held in 2001, the Nude Golf International was initially played on the Balmoral golf course near Lake Tekapo. This year at the scenic course in Wairau Valley

Issue #233 alt= June 2015 - Nude Adventure in Marlborough
Takaka World Naked Bike Ride
Wonderful Rotota
Holidays in the Far North
NUDVAN held a hot pools safari
The Naked Overlanders Southern Sojourn
The End of Skinny Dip Tours

Issue #232 March 2015 - Sunny days in Hawkes Bay
A perfectly naked day in Mount Richmond Forest Park
Random ramblings with Possum
The Hawkes Bay Naturist Club hosted the NZNF Festival of Naturism, ‘Rapere Film Festival’
One of the younger visitors attending the festival, took the opportunity to write of her own experiences of naturism ‘through the eyes of a teenager’
Donna Miller about ‘health and wellbeing’

Issue #231 December 2014 - International Congress of Naturism to be held in New Zealand, 2016.
Just Give it a TRY! the NZNF summer promotion
June Campbell-Tong, Donna Miller and me and celebrate our successful bid to host the next INF Congress in New Zealand.
Some of us were lucky to spend time in Europe over the Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club is the only naturist club in New Zealand with its own gym

Issue #230 September 2014 - Nudefest 2014.
A Tribute to Joyce Fleming
INF Congress 2016 – bid update
The Polar Plunge
Nude Golf International

Issue #229 June 2014 - The Nude Adventure in Marlborough is a great annual event.
NZNF Internet Coordinator provides some tips on how to improve your organisation’s website.
Fourteen intrepid naturists who journeyed into the remote Te Urewera National Park.
Taranaki Naturist Club celebrated the installation and opening of their new swimming pool.
NUDVAN’S Mystery Safari.
The annual visit by the Hash House Harriers to Te Marua.
South now with Skinny Dip Tours and a gaggle of ‘Aussies’ visiting many of New Zealand’s iconic scenic attractions.
Still in the ‘deep south’ on the Naked Overlanders Trek.
February’s full moon shone on a good number of ‘Freddy Bares’ as they dashed into a cool Pacific.
The annual K-Cup Yankee Miniten Tournament and World Naked Bike Ride were both held in Middlemarch in the middle of March.

Issue #228 March 2014 - Skinnydip world record attempt

740 plus skinny dippers broke the world record at Midway Beach in Gisborne
Wellington Naturist Club - close to the city but a world away
June Campbell-Tong clocked up 50 years as a naturist
In defence of the humble sarong
Roman Rotota Campout and all the fun and games; chariot racing, ballista, slave auctions and gladiator challenges.
The reluctant naturist

Issue #227 December 2013 - l'Eglantière Rose

In his obituary for Bevan Tong, Ken Mercer outlines the tremendous input Bevan gave to the Wellington Naturist Club as well as his support for naturism in general.
We introduce INF President, Sieglinde Ivo.
INF Honorary President, Charles Obergfell.
Stephane Deschanes was struck by the multitude of people wearing clothing away from the beach and pool, and sets out to understand the reasons why.
Free Beaches NZ had a party – an AGM party.
Naturist Association of Thailand held their second annual conference at the naturist friendly Chan Resort in Pattaya.
Life-long naturist, Joyce Fleming, brings you more than a book review on ‘Pond Life. A swimmers journal.’

Issue #226 September 2013 - Return to Saw Cut Gorge

Monty's Odyssea 
Five happy glampers 
Calanques of Maeseilles 
Nude Golf International

Issue #225 Jun 2013 - Memories of fun in the long wonderful summer

Alpine Lakes Naturist Club celebrate their 21st 
Skinnydip Australians enjoyed the hospitality of the Lower North Island
Summer fun with Bay of Plenty Naturists
River cruising - Aucklanders cruise the Murray the River Queen cruises in Marlborough Nude with Attitude was launched with style at Millenium Art Gallery in Blenheim
Miniten tournament in Middlemarch and a Piscean Night to celebrate Cantabrian birthdays

Issue #224 Mar 2013 - Naturist Wedding & New Age of Aquarius Festival Fun
Surprise luncheon held for recipient of Honorary Life Membership
Pineglades has two new Miniten courts - and Central Otago has K Cup Minitn Tournament
Skinny-dip world record attempts held around New Zealand over the summer
News and photos from the New Age of Aquarius Festival at Te Marua
A very special naturist wedding celebrated on January 5th
Valley Naturist Bush Retreat in Far North Queensland has a new lease of life

Issue #223 Dec 2012 - 50 Years of Naturism at Rapere & INF World Congress

NZNF Delegate, June Campbell-Tong, reports on the 33rd INF World Congress in Croatia  Changing seasons at Pineglades and their Labour Day "Market Day"                                                           Bay of Plenty hosted 30 people over Labour Weekend for their Visitors Weekend                               Hi-jinks in the Kahurangi National Park - Nelson Region                                                             Hans' Naturist holiday in New Zealand and Kiwis in Europe                                                             50 years of Naturism at 'Rapere' - Celebrating with Hawkes Bay Naturist Club

Issue #222 Sep 2012 - My Naked World and gonatural Week

gonatural Week - how to hold successful open days and promote your club                                       A good southern bloke - Naturally - and the Naked Overlanders                                                       A Weekend in Rainbow Mountain                                                                                                   Charles Simonds - My Naked World                                                                                               Bay to Breakers 2012 - the annual 12km fun run across the heart of San Francisco  


Issue #221 Jun 2012 - The Naked Facts

The Naked Facts - Public nakedness a good idea                                                                Obituary: Sheila Doreen Holt                                                                                                       Alpine Lakes Naturist Club walks into the future                                                                 Celebration time for The Ozzie Travellers and Aussies down-under with Skinnydip Tours                     World Naked Bike Ride - Tauranga and Takaka                                                                       Nudie Foodies Sound Adventure and Nude Golf International

Issue #220 Mar 2012 - Naturists gather for a Fairytale Circus

Nude News - Marlborough Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards and remembering Stephen and Belinda                                                                                                            Nudists folk-devils for moral panic - nude swimmers target for those with hang-ups                           Beach nudity - a legal summary from Free Beaches New Zealand Inc.                                            45 years of naturism in the Bay of Plenty                                                                                       A Fairytale Circus - the story of the NZNF's 60th Annual Rally                      

Issue #219 Dec 2011 - 4WD Naked Travel plus other naturist recreation

Skinny-dip down a moonbeam events                                                                                     Naturist Recreation - Ethical Naturists                                                                                       Bluff in the buff...and back - a travelogue of four NUDVAN members                                             4WD trip - Locked gate? No Problem!                                                                                         Lazy Naturists at the Lazy Tramper                                                                                             Naturist gathering at Arnaoutchot, France

cover gonatural new zealand naturist magazine september issueIssue #218 Sep 2011 - Naturist travels in Europe plus The Polar Plunge; 100% Raw!

Free Beaches NZ encourages free-range naturists to join - "Speak quietly, but carry a big stick".
Pete Whalan, NZNF President says it's time for the NZNF to step up
Roving Spirits visit Scandinavia; A natural paradise in Corsica
Nude Beach Carnival in Alexandria Bay in Queensland, Australia
The promise of mulled wine and bonfires lured several 'to plunge into the ocean 100% Raw! 

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