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Marlborough is a diverse and picturesque region of New Zealand at the top east of the South Island. In the south of the region is the Kaikoura Ranges (which go on to form part of the Southern Alps) and mountains also border the west as well. Coming from these mountanous areas is the long straight Wairau Valley which then widens and spreads out to the plains of the eastern part of this region. To the north are the myriad of 'sea-drowned' valleys which make up the beautiful Marlborough Sounds.

Marlborough can lay claim to beginning the wine industry in New Zealand - growing because of the fertile and temperate weather to today where the region accounts for 62% of the total vineyard area of the country. The area is also known for marine farms which produce award-winning NZ King Salmon, mussels and other Pacific Coast seafood delicacies but also seasonal fruits from local orchards.

And yes, there is a naturist park you can use as a base while you explore all that this region has to offer.

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