Free Beaches - Nelson

Milnthorpe Beach

This is just one of several places around Golden Bay which are suitable for skinny-dipping. This spot is about 10 km from Takaka - a little way past the famous Mussel Inn.

Rabbit Island

Apart from heading for the 'far end' of Tahunanui Beach, the nearest beach for Nelsonians is Rabbit Island.

Mapua Leisure Park used to be the 'place to go' in this area, but since the American owners took over they've backed away from the togs-optional use the place was founded on. 'Nude use' is now restricted to February and March and only on the beach area.

Rabbit Island (East)

Rabbit Island is a fairly close to Nelson City, just south of Richmond. This area of the 'island' is quite a walk east from the car park access, which is near the middle of the island. (You can also go west, toward Mapua.)