Free Beaches - Northland

There are many beaches in the Northland region suitable for clothes-optional recreation.

Uretiti Beach

Uretiti Beach is one of the three top naturist beaches in the country. About 38 km south of Whangarei, on SH1, this beach is a good, safe place for kids, and fun too. 

Tapotupotu Beach

If you are into a 'good day out' New Zealand's most northerly popular beach is Tapotupotu. It's over 100 km from Kaitaia. The 'textiles' use the area immediately beside the road, which comes in about ½ way around the bay. Skinny dippers walk to the left, over the creek and past the exposed rock formation dividing the bay in two.

Henderson Bay

Henderson Bay is half way up the peninsula on the way to Cape Reinga. There is a motorcamp at Houhora, a few kilometres south. 

Matai Bay

Like Uretiti, Matai Bay is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Conservation. It is only half the distance of Cape Reinga from Kaitaia but it feels rather more isolated than Tapotupotu. The right-hand of the two bays - most textiles go to the left.

Waitata Bay (Donkey Beach)

This treasure is only 2 km from Russell in the Bay of Islands, next to Long Beach. A 100 m signposted track leads there from just above the toilets at the Russell end of Long Beach. The naturist owner of the two large houses has put the beach area into a Queen Elizabeth II National Trust covenant.   

Long Beach

Only 3 km from Russell in the Bay of Islands, is Long Beach. Mostly, houses adorn the road behind the beach but at the far end, past the camping area, there's a pleasant place to be. Donkey Beach is the more popular, though.

Kauri Mountain Beach

As well as the popular Uretiti Beach, Kauri Mountain Beach is an option for those around Whangarei. (It is the north end of Whangarei's uninterrupted Ocean Beach). Once over the mouth of this creek (dicey when the tide is in), there's an optional 10km walk to the other end available! This area is only a short walk from the parking place.

Ocean Beach (Whangarei)

Starting just over the creek - just past the rocks - Ocean Beach offers the opportunity for a long walk. The other end, too, is accessible by car and also available for clothes-optional use, after a walk north of 500 m or so. 

Whale Bay

This is such a lovely spot that it's commonly overrun by textiles in the holiday season. If you find textiles within about 20 m it may be wise to check that skinny-dipping is okay. But there are several other spots close by, to check out around the peninsula at the north end of Matai Bay. 


Mimiwhangata is about 2 hours north of Whangarei. It is a Department of Conservation reserve, with lovely beaches facing every direction. Oke Bay is one of them, which in this case is sheltered from the south.

Omaha Beach

Omaha, near Warkworth, has a little cove at the far end.

Tawharanui Beach

Tawharanui is on the road toward Takatu point, only an hour or so north of Auckland.