gonatural Events

19 May 2020

Events of interest will be posted here.   These will be extracted from, in the main, club newsletters.   However, if you do not see an event listed that should be, please contact NZNF Internet Coordinator in the first instance.   Events will be listed in date order, and will be removed once the date has expired.

Note:   Due to the Covid-19 virus, a world-wide pandemic, the events published below are not guaranteed to occur.   Please check with the relevant club beforehand to see if the event will be happening.

May 30

Waikato Outdoor Society

Annual General Meeting at 1pm.   This of course depends on Covid-19 restrictions being eased.

June 27/28

Orchard Sun Club

Mid-Winter Feast.

September 12

South Canterbury Sun Club

Annual General Meeting (COVID-19 dependant).

September 20

Rotota Sun Club

Annual General Meeting (if approved by COVID-19)