69th NZNF Festival

19 January 2020

Every year the NZNF holds a National Festival to coincide with their AGM.  The festival runs for several days from end of December to beginning of January and generally includes a full sports programme, with trophies fiercely fought for, and the host club presents themed entertainment each day and evening.

The Festival is a chance to reconnect with old friends and to make some new ones…a time to relax and "reboot” enjoying clothes-free recreation together.

29/12/2020 ~ 02/01/2021 - "Southern Fare"

This year the 69th NZNF Festival will be hosted by Southern Naturally at their grounds in the deep south, only a short drive from Invercargill.

Forms and other festival information

The registration form can be downloaded in both .pdf and .docx formats; just click on the format you wish to download.   Form in .pdf format (or) form in .docx format.


The theme for the festival this year is "Southern Fare", a play on all the wonderful fare that festival goers will experience.

The Festival committee are looking for expressions of interest from those that are thinking of attending.   If you are thinking of attending the festival, please complete the Expression of Interest form here, noting that this is not a formal registration form, simply an expression of interest.

Southern Naturally is one of the smaller clubs but promises to put on a great festival.   More information will be provided here as it comes to hand such as the programme, registration form, and other information you will require to attend another very successful festival.   One point of difference at this festival is that all meals will be provided, at a very reasonable price.

This festival will have the official NZNF sports like, Indoor Bowls, Chess, Darts, Draughts, Kubb, Miniten, Petanque, Swimming, Tenniquoits and Volleyball, as well as good southern hospitality.

Festival Information

Planning is well underway but in the meantime if you have any questions feel free to send them to the festival email address - southernfare@gonatural.co.nz .

For more festival information, go to National Festival.