Who are NZNF & INF?

30 March 2015

The NZNF is a membership group affiliated to the INF... 

The New Zealand Naturist Federation (NZNF) was established to promote the naturist lifestyle within New Zealand and to support affiliated members by acting as a coordinating body for the naturist movement throughout the country. The NZNF currently has 26 affiliates in New Zealand - made up of 17 landed membership clubs; 6 naturist parks, farm/home stays and B&Bs; and 3 non-landed membership clubs/organisations. 

The New Zealand Naturist Federation is affiliated to the International Naturist Federation.

The International Naturist Federation (INF-FNI) consists of federation or member organisations across more than 30 countries around the world - the NZNF being one. INF-FNI provides direct services to naturist members and federations such as communications and works to enhance and improve the naturist experience and the naturist business climate by promoting the benefits of naturism to the general public.

Joining a club affiliated to the New Zealand Naturist Federation entitles you to an NZNF membership card with an INF sticker attached, which allows you to visit any naturist club in New Zealand or overseas. This card can be presented as proof of membership to clubs and locations nationwide and worldwide when visiting or staying. Each year you are a financial member of a club/affiliate, the card is updated to ensure it remains current.

You can be a naturist and not become a member of the NZNF, but membership does have its advantages:

  • A network of fellow naturists throughout the country
  • 26 clubs and affiliates to visit
  • Accommodation available at various naturist locations around NZ - many discounted to members
  • Events and social activities 
  • Sporting tournaments
  • Access to thousands of resorts and clubs worldwide

To find out where there is a club or affiliate near you go to our Locations & Events page. Contact a club or affiliate directly to enquire about membership and to organise a visit. 

Go to Naturism FAQs for more information about naturism.

There is more information on our About the NZNF page.

Or you can Contact us.