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19 January 2019

News items of interested will be published here.   Any questions or comments, please contact the NZNF Internet Coordinator in the first place.

Southernfare Festival (Dec 29 - Jan 2)

Planning is well underway by the planning committee and the registrations forms in .pdf and .docx formats are now available on the Festival webpage - click here to read the latest on the festival and to download the registration form(s). 

The programme is still being finalised and will be uploaded in due course.

If you have any questions please email the festival committee at southernfare@gonatural.co.nz, and I am sure they will be able to answer all your queries.

gonatural Magazine - December 2019 Issue #251

The latest issue of the gonatural magazine has been released, available in hard copy (delivered) or by an electronic subscription.

Head over to the gonatural magazine webpage to find out how to purchase the latest issue in hard copy, the latest issue in electronic form, or previous issues too.

The magazine website is located here.



Naked Gardening Week - TV Interview

October 25, 2019

President Wendy Lowe was interviewed on the AM television programme this morning about naked gardening week.

It was an early start for Wendy so not sure how many would have been up to see the interview live.   To read all about it and to view the interview, this can all be found here

Thanks to Yates for coming on board as a sponsor, this is very much appreciated. 

Presidents Message

It’s been a while since the last gonatural news was sent out and there have been a couple of changes to the Executive line-up; when Donna Miller resigned earlier this year the remaining Executive asked me to step into the role of President again. Shortly after that, Hans resigned as Internet Coordinator and Murray Nash stepped into the role, which he previously held several years ago. 

I attended Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club’s 70th anniversary celebration on 31 August. What a fantastic day – more on that elsewhere in this newsletter.
It occurred to me that day that it would be difficult to start a club in this day and age. Finding a suitable property would be difficult and far more expensive than when all the existing clubs were established.  Then there is the infrastructure; the buildings, plumbing, electrical services, all of which are also more expensive.
And of course, building regulations have changed and compliance requirements are much stricter than 50 years ago.
For these reasons, we must treasure the legacy we have been given by the founders and early members of our clubs, and nurture our clubs for future generations.
Spring is here and the weather is already starting to improve and its getting warmer.  Our next big marketing opportunity is World Naked Gardening Day Downunder and we are again partnering with Yates, with a focus on colour and flowers for the bees.  I hope your club is getting involved in this.
Kind Regards
Wendy Lowe

Changes to the gonatural Website

The current gonatural website was created several years ago, and has served us well.  However, there are two changes that have been made.  One is that the gonatural newsletter normally sent out a few times a year and edited by the President, will now be an online newsletter and will be updated when there is a new newsworthy item to publish.  The date at the top of the newsletter indicates when the latest article was published.

The second change is to the events page.   I think we all agree that it is difficult to find out what is happening around the clubs.   This page is now also much easier to locate, any events are presented better, and will include a full description along with images, flyers, links etc.   The events will be in date order and past events will be deleted once they have expired.   If your event is not listed then please email the webmaster for it to be included.

Les Olsen - NZNF Archivist

Many of our members may not know what goes on behind the scenes.   Les Olsen has been the NZNF Archivist for many years and when asked what he actually does, here is what he had to say.

I was first appointed as NZNF Archivist in 1992 when it was decided that the history of the naturist movement should be recovered from club newsletters, minutes and any other sources of information that could be found.   With the assistance of the late Doug Cousins we were able to establish an almost complete set of photographs of the various rallies that had been held over the years and in addition we found many of the old club newsletters that had been sent as a matter of course to the NZNF offices and were held at the Wellington Naturist club.

This work was expanded upon so much so that gradually I was able to get newsletters from most of the clubs and these were comb bound into volumes and have been lodged with the Alexander Turnbull Library in Wellington.

My work is continuing and I compile the club newsletters each month as they come to hand. I also maintain a file of various NZNF Minutes, Sports results from Rallies and any other items of interest to the naturist movement such as newspaper cuttings.

I maintain items of historic interest to clubs that may be helpful if and when an anniversary is expected and I am happy to share any information and help in answering any queries that may arise at your club from time to time.

Rgds, Les

gonatural Magazine

Issue #249, June/July 2019 is available now and there are several purchase options available.

To order the magazine go to the gonatural magazine website.

Interesting fact.   The magazine is about to issue it's 250th edition - what a great achievement.

Internet Coordinator

I was co-opted back onto the executive at the mid-year meeting, held at WOS.  I last held this position some 10 years ago.  It has been a steep learning curve as much has changed in that time, but luckily I still do web sites as a hobby so I managed to pick most things up fairly quickly.

I have brought onboard my team a 2IC, Karla, from Pineglades.  Karla is the PNC Communications Officer and also works closely with their webmaster Sam.   Karla will be assisting with some of the regular tasks, such as confirming club email addresses, on a regular basis.   You may hear from Karla, email address web2ic@gonatural.co.nz

Four clubs have asked for assistance with their web sites, a bit of a revamp, so hopefully I can assist with that.  It is great to see many clubs have excellent looking websites these days.  This is great as I believe it is generally known that most membership enquiries are generated from the club's web presence.

Website awards

Each year, at the AGM, an award is presented to the club with the best website.   The judging is based on a number of different criteria, not only the look of the site but also some technical aspects.   These criteria can be found in the affiliate resources area on the website.

The judge(s) are normally not members of a club and therefore are (hopefully) not biased in any way.