gonatural Products

gonatural merchandise is provided by two different companies, hence the requirement for two order forms, which are below.  The apparel order form is for polo shirts, hats, all the items that are embroidered with the gonatural logo (full) or the gonatural.co.nz wording which is on the visors.  The non-apparel order form is for mugs, pens, USB drives, all of those type items.   I must say that the quality from both providers is first class.

The online order form for the apparel items can be found >>here<<.   If the price says 'free', then it is not yet available.

The online order form for the non-apparel items can be found >>here<<.

*****Newsflash*****:   I am slowly building up an arsenal of non-apparel items, basically to ensure the quality is ideal, and whether or not I want to make them available for sale.   If it is listed, then I am happy to sell the item(s).   Today some new stock arrived including the Tote Bag.   I must say, this is way better than I had hoped, quite large, and certainly big enough to hold all of your 'stuff' for a day out visiting the club or even the beach.   I had also ordered some note pads.  I wont be putting these ones up as they are quite small.   I might try the larger size and see if they are value for money.   On the apparel side, I have today added the Nitro Polo shirt (men's and ladies), and will soon be adding the caps.   The embroidery company is in the process of making a slightly smaller version of the logo so that the entire logo fits on the cap, including the tag line.   Fun fact, I received an email from a lady in the UK enquiring about the safari hat replacement.  They brought one years ago, now lost.   Once the logo is sorted, a replacement hat will be on its way to a past happy customer.

For apparel items, clothing, hats etc., there are a number of items ready to order now.   Prices are still being worked on for a number of other items, which will be advertised once prices have been settled.    

I was working on a catalogue but I will be adding items for sale all the time, so basically, the online order form lists what is for sale and the price.   If an item is for sale, I have personally seen the quality of the item and would not put anything up that I would not purchase myself.  Feel free to ask me any questions of course.. 

The size guide for the polo shirts is as follows:

For non-apparel items, I have a range of gonatural-branded items ready to go.   Pens, mousepads, mugs, stubby holders, etc.   These are sourced overseas from a provider I have used many times over the years, the quality is excellent, and delivery is very quick.   When filling out the online form, ensure you have entered the correct delivery address as the order will be delivered directly to you.

Raffles.   I had thought selling merchandise by way of a raffle would be of interest, apparently not - scrapped.

gonatural is the official brand of the New Zealand Naturist Federation.   Sale of the products has been in an hiatus for a wee while but work is underway to once again have a range of branded products for sale.   While I do not have an actual catalogue as such yet, I have started to make some sales.  Looking at the old prices, items now cost a bit more of course but that is inflation.   If you want to purchase something please send me an email and we can discuss.   Use the contact form below.   Items that are currently available are:   Polo shirts  |  Hi-vis vest  |  Athlete Elastic Visor  |  Access Cap  |  Esplanade Beach Towel.   Clothing is embroidered with the gonatural logo and the visor and caps have the gonatural words embroidered.   Shirts come in men's and women's of course, and a variety of colours.

The items are sold under licence to the NZNF at a cost plus GST plus cost of embroidery and a small profit.  All profits go to the NZNF and/or the Percy Cousins Trust.   Prices have gone up a bit, but this is due to inflation, unfortunately.

We endeavour to bring to you items that are useful to the naturist lifestyle - towels, caps, tee shirts - as well as other branded items that show your support.

Our Merchandising Officer is looking to extend the range and bring on board some exciting new products in the next months/years.

When completed, a catalogue of products will be made available here.   Ordering will be simple, simply email the merchandising officer with your requirements.   You will receive an invoice for the cost of the products plus delivery.   Once payment is made, the order will be placed and the products when finished will be shipped directly to you from the supplier.   The invoice will include the bank account where to deposit the monies.   

All prices quoted are in New Zealand dollars and the order will be confirmed by email.

Few items are held in stock so delivery will be dependant on the supplier but hopefully not too long after the order is placed.   

Delivery costs are dependant on the items or number of items and will be agreed when the order is placed.

Contact Merchandise Officer with any questions you may have.