The NZNF Executive are elected by the members of the Federation at the annual council meeting. Additionally there are appointments made by the NZNF executive, they are the NZ Naturists Secretary, Sports Coordinator, Archivist, gonatural Magazine Business Manager, gonatural products Merchandise Officers and the Social Media Officer.

NZNF Executive Team

President - Wendy Lowe

Wendy has been a naturist since meeting husband Nick in 2006, joining Hawkes Bay Naturist Club in March 2007. Within 6 months she was co-opted to the committee and served almost every year after that in various roles including Treasurer and Secretary, resigning in June 2019.

In 2009 she joined the NZNF team as Internet Coordinator and served a year before being elected as President in December 2010 and serving four years, then 2 years as Treasurer. In May 2019 Wendy was re-appointed as President.

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North Island Vice President - Nick Lowe

Nick has been a naturist since the mid 90’s, as a member of Hawkes Bay Naturist Club, where he has also served many years as president.
A keen outdoors person he loves to combine naturism with sporting activities and around the club is often seen climbing and topping trees.

I have been NIVP since 2013 and I have made a concerted effort to get around all clubs in my region every year, some often and some less frequent depending on location and my available time. I will often pop up at a clubs AGM as an observer and have frequently been asked to voice my opinion on matters at hand given that I have a grasp on the differences and workings of most other clubs.

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South Island Vice President - Jeremy Kelleher

Jeremy has always been a naturist with a keen interest in sustainability, a member of Canterbury's innovative Free Beach, and Pineglades club where owns a bach. He has held portfolios in Buildings and Membership where he achieved significant positive growth. He is also the coordinator for the NZ Naked Bike Ride events.
He has been an electronics engineer in practical and management areas, and a trained facilitator. For 8 years he has been involved in Couchsurfing – travellers staying with Kiwi hosts plus social events. He has a focus to decrease the average age of our creeping memberships, in particular to target our fantastic Y Generation (now in the 20 – 30s age group).

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Secretary - Wilma Kremer

Wilma is in naturism since 2000 and is also the secretary for Southern Naturally since 2016. She looks forward to the challenge ahead.

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Treasurer - Jim Bell

Jim began his naturist journey as a home naturist many years ago. In more recent years he has become an active member of one of NZ’s foremost naturist clubs.
Jim is passionate about the naturist lifestyle and the many benefits it offers.

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Database Secretary - Christine Bowers

Christine and her husband John have been members of Waikato Outdoor Society since 1996, previously members of Rotota. They are also members of Nudvan. Christine was President for WOS for five years, and is currently secretary of NUDVAN.

In October 2012 Christine offered to fill the position of NZNF Database Secretary when it became vacant. She is a retired as a typist/transcriptionist. The database secretary is responsible for keeping the database of NZNF members, issuing INF stickers, and the printing of NZNF ID cards. Statistical information from the database is presented to the annual AGM, and to the NZNF committee.

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Internet Co-ordinator - Murray Nash

I first joined the naturist movement in 1975 in Melbourne and I have been a naturist ever since.   My current club is the Wellington Naturist Club.   I have been a member of the Corio Valley Country Club (Australia), Wanganui Sun Club, Manawatu Naturist Club, Hawkes Bay Naturist Club, and of course Wellington.

I was the first internet coordinator for the NZNF, I believe from 1998, a post I held for some 10.5 years.    The original domain name for the NZNF was   I have also held a range of positions other than that, both at club committee level and the NZNF also.   I love my naturist sport and I have attended many rallies, not only for the friendship but also the sporting competitions.

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Marketing Officer - Vacant


Youth Co-ordinator - Vacant


NZNF Appointees

NZ Naturists Secretary - Christine Bowers

In December 2014 Christine offered to fill the position of NZ Naturists Secretary when it became vacant. She fulfills this role besides the role as NZNF Database Secretary and secretary of NUDVAN.

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Sports Co-ordinator - Ken Mercer

I have been a member of WNC since 1989 when my wife Jude and my 2 sons joined. I am currently the President of WNC and have been so for 8 years now. I can’t remember exact dates but I took over from Kay Hannam as sports officer when trophies were awarded. It seemed to me that chasing trophies around all over the country just made the job so much harder, so I introduced medals. These are still currently being awarded today. I have been obtaining the medals from that day onwards, I also recommended that Sports officer, now sports co-ordinator, be made an appointment rather than an NZNF committee position. Errol Flynn took over from me several years go and since he has now resigned I was approached to take over once again. This I am happy to do as I am still currently an avid sports enthusiast.

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Archivist - Les Olsen

Les has been a member of the naturist movement for some sixty years. He joined Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club in late 1958 with his wife Laurel and family members. Since that time he has held various positions on the club committee and also on the Executive of the New Zealand Naturist Federation being the President 1990-1994.
He served stints as the NZNF Vice President on occasions, has been the Archivist since 1992. He was also the Editor of the New Zealand Naturist for some ten years ably assisted by his wife Laurel as the Business Manager.
Les was appointed as an Honorary Life member of the NZNF in 2012 for his long services to naturism in New Zealand.

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gonatural Magazine Business Manager - Noel Thomas

Noel has been a member of the Pineglades club since 1991 and along with his wife has owned a Bach at the club sine 1998. Noel has served on the club committee for over a number of years in the positions of President, treasurer and buildings maintenance. He has also served a 2 year term as South Island Vice President on the NZNF. My wife and I love to travel often stay at different Naturist Resorts while on holiday.

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gonatural Magazine Editor - Mike Moore

Michael was appointed the gonatural magazine editor in June 2015. He provides photography, editorial and design services.  Michael has been a naturist for more than 25 years. He has hosted over 300 international Couch Surfing guests to his nudist home. He has visited naturist groups, clubs and beaches in UK, Germany, Australia and Asia. In Wellington and Cairns, he established Sunboys, a social nudist group, and worked with local Council to access public swimming pool for naturists. He is a strong advocate of community and grass-roots engagement and values sharing of positive stories. Michael brings with him 30 years of public relations, publishing and journalism experience in the non-profit community and corporate sectors.

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gonatural products Merchandiser - Mark Kennedy

I first joined the Wanganui Sun Club when the club folded , I joined the Wellington Naturist Club. I am also a Social Member of the Orchard Sun Club.
I am a fitness freak, I am a Crossfitter and also I do Pole Dancing at the local Pole Dancing Studio in Whanganui. I also run for the Wanganui Harrier Club. I get out into the hills on my mountain bike. I also belong to Rotary.

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Social Media Co-ordinator - Tiffany

My name is Tiffany and I am a member of the Taranaki Naturist Club, and have been for 23 years. I am also the club social organiser as well as the new social media officer for the NZNF.

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