The NZNF Executive are elected by the members of the Federation at the annual council meeting.   Additionally there are appointments made by the NZNF executive, they are the NZ Naturists Secretary, Sports Coordinator, Archivist, gonatural products Merchandise, and Social Media.

NZNF Executive Team

President - David Saunders


David has been a member of Pineglades since 1972 and is currently in his 4th and final year as President of the club. After the May AGM he will be able to devote even more time to Federation matters and will be fully retired from his full time job. Over the years at Pineglades he has been active on the committee and has undertaken various Convener roles including the organising and running of national Festivals. A regular contributor to gonatural magazine and has participated in a number of sports events at Festivals and has a good understanding of governance issues in respect of club rules and issues that may arise in that area

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North Island Vice President - Paul

Ken MercerBio coming soon.

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South Island Vice President - Andrew Beasley


Hello, My name is Andrew, I am married to Jenny and we have been a part of the Nelson Sun Club for about 15 years. I have been on the committee for about 7 years and held the position of vice president for about 6 years.   In recent years the NZNF have been of great help to our club, which has helped to ensure the continued enjoyment and longevity of our club. With this in mind I feel honored to serve on the NZNF. If there is anything I can do to help you please get in touch..

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Secretary - Jo Schumacher


I am relatively new to naturism only being a member of Pineglades for the last 2 years. I have also recently been elected to the Pineglades Committee as Social Convenor. I believe that clubs only flourish if everyone does their bit and this is me doing my bit promoting naturism. In my day job organisation and planning are my strengths and I thought I could use these to assist the NZNF moving forward in the role of Secretary.

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Treasurer - Kathy Earby


Kathy and her late husband Max, joined ASC in 1988 and HBNC in 2008 having served on both committees as secretary and treasurer.  Prior to Max’s death (in 2017) Kathy was also on the executive in the roles of both secretary and treasurer and was voted in again as treasurer at the 2020/2021 AGM.  She has remained an active member of HBNC travelling down from Auckland for weekends to assist with working bees and previous rally organisation.

She enjoys working with other members of the executive, travelling to the various clubs and maintaining friendships with members from various clubs she and Max have met over the years.

Kathy currently lives in Orewa, spending time on the beach with her dog and enjoying the lifestyle beach living provides.

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Database Secretary - Andy

Digital Platforms Coordinator - Murray Nash


Murray first became involved in naturism in 1975 when he and his family joined the Corio Valley Naturist Club in Australia.   Since then, he has been a member of various clubs in New Zealand and Australia.  His current club is the Wellington Naturist Club.

Murray has always been involved in club committees and also as a member of the New Zealand Naturist Federation Executive.   Murray’s major achievement would be acting as the NZNF Internet Coordinator for approximately 15 years.   Murray created the first NZNF website, in 1998. He was the NZNF Public Relations Officer when the current domain,, was established in the mid-2000’s.

Murray is also an avid sportsman and enjoys competing in various sports at club level and also at the annual NZNF Festival.

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Marketing Officer - Wilma

Youth and Families - Alex

Bio coming soon.

NZNF Appointees

Gonatural Editor - John Lowe

John became a member of Wellington Sun & Health Society around 1962, with his then wife Colleen (who became club photographer for several years).   In 1976 John joined the Free Beaches association, while remaining a member of the Wellington Naturist club until around 1987, when John was living on Norfolk Island.   After returning from Australia in 1990, John took on the 'Supporters Group' (now New Zealand Naturists) for about three years, following the resignation of the original Secretary, John Trotter.  John is currently also newsletter editor for Free Beaches NZ and lives in Hastings..

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Sports Coordinator - Ken Mercer


I have been a member of WNC for 33 years and a past President for 8 years running. I have also been on WNC committee for over 20 years. I am a trustee of the Percy cousins trust. I continue to be the NZNF sports coordinator. I have been past President of the NZNF for 3 years in which time I attended an international congress. My aim is to help clubs where I can and to pass this role onto someone younger after my term..

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Archivist - Pam Salter


Pam is a long time naturist and lives in Auckland with her husband Dick.    Pam has two children and four grandchildren.

Pam's major hobby is genealogy and has become the family archivist, collecting and preserving hundreds of letters and photos.

Pam and Dick have been members of the Naturist movement from about 1973 when they were first members of the Wellington Naturist club and later joined the Auckland Outdoor Naturist club, where they are still members.

gonatural products Merchandiser - Murray Nash


The gonatural merchandise is now being sold by Murray under licence.   Watch the website for further updates.

The photo is a placeholder for now.

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Social Media Coordinator - Alice