About Naturism . . .

Remember as a young child . . . the seemingly endless days of summer; the sprinkler going in the backyard; off come your clothes; the squeals of delight as you run through the water; jumping in the puddles; the feel of water, sun and breeze on your bare skin; the innocent fun and pure joy?

Maybe now as an adult . . . you dress at the last minute before leaving home; enjoying the lasting warmth of the shower; the kiss of air against your skin; lingering for as long as possible; the blissful feeling of being free from entrapments and stress? 

Perhaps you have enjoyed a late night skinny-dip at the beach or taken advantage of a secluded spot at the river and gone for a quick swim or lie in the sun? 

If any of these brings a smile to your face or a nod of acknowledgement, then you're probably ready to take the next step and discover the world of social nudity.

We would love to introduce you to the lifestyle choice that is nudism or naturism . . . where you can enjoy the clothes-free way of life in the company of like-minded people.

According to online sources the word 'naturism' was used for the first time in 1778 by a French-speaking Belgian, Jean Baptiste Luc Planchon (1734-1781).   The word was advocated as a means of improving the 'l'hygiène de vie' or 'natural style of life' and health.

The New Zealand Naturist Federation brings you information about the 'natural style of life', locations where you can enjoy the lifestyle, upcoming events, and news of happenings around the country.

Nude recreation - or even just doing normal daily things around the house naked - helps your body to relax quicker. It's almost symbolic - when your clothes come off, so do many of the icons and images associated with the 'daily drudge'!   Our bodies were not designed to be almost entirely wrapped in clothing, subjected to artificial light, heat or air-conditioning for endless hours.

Thousands of regular New Zealanders (and millions around the world) have discovered the fantastic feeling of freedom from these things - the feeling of the breeze and sunlight on your skin, the relief of stress and anxiety - resulting in increased self confidence and also physical, possibly even mental, health.

Anyone can be a naturist - any race, age, shape, or background.   Religion, political views, profession - none of these things are relevant - nudists/naturists come from all walks of life.

The NZNF promotes the naturist way of life throughout New Zealand with an emphasis on nude recreation being a wholesome activity for the whole family.   Many families (three generations in a lot of cases) enjoy the nudist lifestyle throughout New Zealand.

Around our beautiful country there are 17 landed member based naturist clubs; 7 naturist parks or homestays; and 3 nationwide membership organisations.  

Whether you are already a social nudist, a private nudist, a late night skinny-dipper or even just beginning to discover this way of life, we want to help you explore the enjoyment of clothes-free recreation and the wholesome fun of being who you truly are. 

Do you have more questions about the naturist lifestyle? You might find the answers on our Naturism FAQ page.