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International Naturist Federation

International Naturist Federation

International Naturist Federation is the parent body of most of the naturist federations, world-wide. It is pleasing to note that the New Zealand Naturist Federation has rejoined the INF, after a hiatus of several years.

Australian Naturist Federation (ANF)

The New Zealand Naturist Federation (NZNF) works closely with the ANF fostering ties between the two countries.   Yes, we are very much enemies when it comes to sport but we are really friends off the field.   The ANF has a number of clubs, much like the NZNF, and these clubs welcome visitors from around the world, just like our own clubs in NZ.   If planning a visit to one of the ANF affiliated clubs, always contact the club first to arrange the visit - who knows, by producing your NZNF membership card you may get offered a discount.  The ANF website can be found here.   The ANF has recently started a YouTube channel and make regular posts - in a recent one our very own President, Wendy, was a guest.  The YouTube channel can be found here.   Check them out.

A Naturist World

a naturist world

A Naturist World website has been created for naturist individuals, families and businesses to reach each other to share knowledge, points of view, products, stories and friendship, and to guide newcomers who have never tried naturism. For people to safely share their naturism with family and friends, to meet new people, find holiday destinations, beaches, clubs and other venues. Create blogs, write articles, discuss topics and submerge themselves in a world of naturism.

The site believes naturism is fantastic fun; helps create a physically and emotionally healthier society and should be open to all. This website to be equally positive, like naturism itself, the site should be fun as well as being taken seriously.

New Zealand Tourist Information 

New Zealand Tourism - Official travel information from Tourism New Zealand - 100% Pure New Zealand

International Naturist Holidays

Bare Necessities - Nude cruises around the world on a luxury liner

Naturist Magazines

The Australian Naturist Magazine
H&E Naturist Magazine
Going Natural Magazine

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TeAra Encyclopedia of New Zealand - History of Naturism                                                                                         

World Tenniquoits Federation - NZNF is a member 

Please note: The link to a website on this pages does not constitute an endorsement by the New Zealand Naturist Federation of any particular organisation - these sites are provided for information only.   Should you find any broken links or sites that do not adhere to naturist standards and philosophy please report it to the webmaster here.